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The cover for the third album.

Crucial Flow's third album is called "Crucial Flow" or just "Self-Entitled" and will have an electronic rock, EDM, Rock, Industrial Metal, Electronic Metal sound that's different than his last two albums. One song has been confirmed to be on the album as well as a single. The song is called "We Shine (Like There's Nothing Else To Do)" and is track one off the album. You can find this song on Soundcloud. A new song , "Programming #1.50681", was released as a preview track on October 16th. On the same day, the second single, "I Can Get You There", was released. On October 17th, two songs were released. One, "Dreams Are Made of What?", was released as a promotional track. The second song, "Love Song", was released as the third single. "Dreams Are Made of What?" contains a similar electronic rock sound to the past songs that were released from this album. "Love Song" contains a more folk rock, soft rock, southern rock sound to it and makes it the most different sounding song so far off the album. A new song, "Casualties", was released on 10-18-14. 

On October 21st, Crucial Flow revealed that new music will be coming soon! It has been confirmed that there will be 16 tracks on the upcoming album.


1. We Shine (Like There's Nothing Else to Do) - 3:22

2. I Can Get You There - 5:30

3. Programming - 4:36

4. Dreams Are Made of What? - 5:04

5. Love Song - 6:40

6. Casualties - 3:21

7. Oh Please! - 5:24

8. Drag From the Fire - 6:32

9. Eagle's Eye View - 4:17

10. Give Up Bitch! - 3:26

11. Rock It Up - 4:16

12. Samhain - 8:02

13. Are You Lonely, Tonight? - 4:26

14. Last Child of the Bog - 2:38

15. The Frog Prince of Crime - 3:44

16. Friday the 13th - 5:28

Running time: Approx. 1 hour, 17 min.

The full tracklist will be revealed once the full album has been recorded. No official release date has been confirmed. The 4th single will be called "Drag From the Fire" and will be released soon. "Drag From the Fire" will be track 8. "Drag From the Fire" will have an industrial rock sound to it. On talking about this album, Crucial Flow says: "This album takes influences from One Direction, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach, Megadeth, Korn, Green Day, and Kid Rock and blends them together. I think this will be my favorite record I have every made. Even better than 'Winter's Revenge!'" On October 22nd, Crucial Flow released a new song called "Oh Please!" Also, on the same day, he released the fourth single, "Drag From the Fire." New song, "Eagle's Eye View" has been confirmed to be on the album. The single "Drag From the Fire" has been confirmed to be the last single off the album. "Eagle's Eye View" has been officially released on October 24th. A new song, "Give UP Bitch!", was revealed to be on the tracklist on October 25th. On October 27th, "Give Up Bitch!" was released. Also, on the same day, a new track, "Spice It Up (Rock It Up) was confirmed. Also, another track has been confirmed, "Samhain". On November 3rd, a new track, "Are You Lonely, Tonight?", has been confirmed. "Last Child of the Bog" was announced on November 4th, 2014. Two more songs, "The Frog Prince of Crime" and "Friday the 13th", were revealed. A surprise was said to be revealed either on November 8th or the 9th. "Programming #1.50681" was changed to simply "Programming". "Spice It Up (Rock It Up)" was changed to "Rock It Up". The full album was released for streaming on Youtube on November 8th.  

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