Runaway Too Single Cover

Runaway Too is a song off Crucial Flow's instrumental album, ANARCHY. It showed up as track 4 and was given an EP. 

Writing and RecordingEdit

Runaway Too was recorded with his instrumental album in 2014. Crucial Flow originally started as a project called "The Fleming Balls." Eventually, this name was realized to be "kind of inappropriate" and was changed randomly to "Crucial Flow." After the switch from one name to another, CW began to record new music. The result ended up as an instrumental album that shaped the sound that he wanted to make in his subsequent albums. These songs were instrumental, so no lyrics were written because CW believed that his new music wasn't ready to have vocals in it yet. CW eventually created a Soundcloud and added the album on there through a playlist. Eventually three new tracks were recorded to be used as the other three tracks on the Runaway Too EP.


Runaway Too, and its EP bretherin tracks, have been considered to be pop-rock, since they contain a melodic guitar, bass, drums, and piano pattern. Track 4 off the EP, "Green Beans" has a punk rock guitar breakdown. 

Tracklist: Edit

1. Runaway Too - 3:28

2. The Sound - 3:14

3. Senior Sassafras - 2:32

4. Green Beans - 4:32

Total Time: Approx. 14 minutes

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