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Crucial Flow's fourth album, "Pray For Me", was announced on November 17th after talking about the first single off the album, "Pray For Me (You Will See the Light)" which was then said to not be the lead single from the album. On November 19th, Crucial Flow confirmed a new track, "Declaration" and announced the genres of the album, noting them as rock, pop-rock, country rock and comedy rock. He also announced that the lead single will be called "Devil in Danger". "Pray For Me (You Will See the Light)" was announced to be released on November 27th, 2014. "Devil in Danger" was announced to be released on December 3rd, 2014, Crucial Flow's birthday, and the overall album will be released on January 1st, 2015. The cover art for the album was revealed on November 19th. A new song, "Get That Funk On" was revealed. Two songs were released on the 20th of November. They were "Declaration" and "Get That Funk On". On November 25th, Crucial Flow revealed all six singles that will be released off this album, their release dates, and their artwork covers. The singles are "Devil in Danger" (released on Dec. 3), "Looking For (a Southern Way to Die)" (released on Dec. 16), "Beautiful" (released on Dec. 20), "Living Like a Dumpweed Ass" (released on Dec. 24), "Christmas" (released Dec. 25), and "Easter is Coming" (released on Jan. 1). It was also confirmed that there will be 14 tracks. On Thanksgiving, the promotional single was released as well as the full tracklist. Due to complications with iTunes, the album was announced to not be released and Crucial Flow was announced to be done. The songs may never come out unless further notice. On December 18th, Crucial Flow confirmed he has returned to recording his fourth album. It was announced that "Christmas" would replace the second single. On January 6th, it was announced that the third single will be "Beautiful" and has been announced to be an instrumental track. It will not have a single cover. "Living Like a Dumpweed Ass" was announced as the fourth single. The overall sound of the album is described as country rock, country pop, soft rock, folk rock, folk pop, southern rock, comedy rock, and pop rock. "Beautiful" was released on January 13th. The album was released on January 20th, 2015 to Soundcloud. On January 20th, "Living Like a Dumpweed Ass" was released as the fourth single. On January 21st, "Looking For (a Southern Way to Die)" was released as the fifth single. "Easter is Coming" will be the last single off the album.


1. Pray For Me (You Will See the Light) - 4:14

2. Declaration - 5:12

3. Get That Funk On - 4:08

4. Devil in Danger - 7:06

5. Looking For (a Southern Way to Die) - 4:44

6. Drive Away - 2:52

7. Compromises - 3:30

8. Beautiful - 4:44

9. Living Like a Dumpweed Ass - 4:35

10. Easter is Coming - 3:26

11. Faces - 3:16

12. Deeper the Cut - 5:06

13. Am I Mature? - 3:16

14. Christmas - 3:41

Running Time: Approx. 1 hour

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