Party Rock is Crucial Flow's upcoming fifth album. So far there isn't much information about the album other than the genres are Dance Pop and Electro-Funk. Four demos were recorded and released for download. It is said that many of these beats and lyrics will be used in different songs off the album. The first single and first track off the album has a different, more folky and similar to Crucial Flow's fourth album, sound to it and is called "Same To You." The tracklist and album covers have not been revealed yet. As a Valentine's Day gift, Crucial Flow released "Party Rock" as the second single. He also revealed the tracklist. The Artwork was revealed as well. He revealed all six singles, "Same To You", "Party Rock", "Winter's Revenge Part 2", "Blues Shoes", "Orlando, FL.", and "Batman '89" in order. "No Where To Go" was released on March 10th as a promotional track. On March 12th, Crucial Flow announced that he will be taking a hiatus from Crucial Flow and probably won't come back to it and will not release the full album officially.

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1. Same To You - 3:40

2. Party Rock - 4:12

3. No Where To Go - 4:44

4. Pretty Good Looking

5. Bird of White

6. Batman '89

7. Where To Go?

8. Orlando, FL.

9. Dance Pad

10. Winter's Revenge Part 2

11. Set Phasers To Stun

12. Blues Shoes

13. Where's the Party?

14. I'm Glad To See You (Dead)

15. God Dammit

16. Disconnect (The Phone)

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