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Funny Ways To Die is the debut album by Crucial Flow. 

Writing and RecordingEdit

After recording his first musical album, the instrumental "ANARCHY", Crucial Flow began recording his debut album. He recorded 10 songs that all contained a unique sound. The result was a beautiful mesh of rock and pop in 10 tracks. This album spawned 4 singles; "Pyschedelia", "Just the Facks", "Just Die!", and "Gold Thong." Two songs were released a promotional tracks; "I'm Your Clown" and "Kill the Time." The full album was released on Soundcloud as a playlist.


Funny Ways To Die can be described as a beautiful mesh of rock and pop with a bunch of melody and rythym. The album, in Crucial Flow's eyes though, says differently. "I only did Funny Ways To Die to introduce the many genres I will be using in my music. But, in my opinion, this just seems a mess to me." The single "Psychedelia" has a psychedelic rock, pop-rock sound to it, while "Just the Facks" has an electro-rap sound. "I'm Your Clown" contains a reggae-fushion sound and "Kill the Time" contains jazz-rock influences. "Just Die!" is a hip-hop song and "Gold Thong" is an R&B song. "Just the Facks" was previously used as a song from an unused project called "Matrix." 


1. Psychedelia - 4:13

2. Just the Facks - 4:42

3. I'm Your Clown - 4:20

4. Kill the Time - 4:35

5. Drop Dead! - 3:06

6. Gold Thong - 4:43

7. SMASH - 3:46

8. Funny Ways To Die - 3:56

9. Green Guitars on Beans - 1:52

10. My Songs Will Die - 2:42

Total Time: Approx. 38 minutes

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